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2009-09-11 06:01:00 by Sifter1337

I have cool mods for Half-Life like Sven-Co-op, it's so awesome, to really bad for AccuracyUP, his Half-Life fucks up.

If you even have Half-Life, get Sven-Co-op here.

P.S. It will probably NOT work in WON version of Half-Life, Steam version of Half-Life is needed.

It's simple to install, just browse around where your Half-Life is located and install there.

Hope you enjoy it.

Edit: Fuck no, I have fever!

Edit: Yay, it's gone now, it's probably that H1N1 flu thingie.

It's my birthday!

2009-09-04 04:10:40 by Sifter1337

It's my birthday today! OMG I THINK IT'S GUNNA BE AWESOME LULZ.


2009-08-16 01:52:43 by Sifter1337

EternalMadnessFreak is a pussy faggot, he fails at everything. He banned me from his page because he's a pussy and can't reply at more comments. This is my message to him because he can only get messages from his contacts.

Wow, you do fail at everything, you got mad at me for an unknown reason, it is probably because this results in your horrible English, you're to pussy ass to delete my spam.

Everyone else has a life and you don't, I should make a movie of me killing you and you have nothing to do about it, you can't be a total asshole in the review space.

And you either don't have flash, look at your responses to my comments, they are ugly ass shitty insults, I'm better than you, you fail, get a hobo friend you faggot.

Ojo66 gets killed again....

2009-07-28 06:19:59 by Sifter1337

I pwn3d Ojo66 again.

This was normally a Half-Life: Source screenshot which is only edited. All I did is make a screenshot, open the screenshot with Macromedia Flash 8, and edit the screenshot.

Ojo66 gets killed again....

It's out!

2009-07-19 04:35:28 by Sifter1337

Ways of Killing Hank66 is finished! Check it now!


2009-07-12 00:21:19 by Sifter1337

Let's see, it's just AccuracyUP, haven't got some boredom from the online games! He's like, playing two online games, I think they're old I just don't have any idea when it was made. But he just won't give up playing them. Even for a year I think.

Also, new screenie for Ways of Killing Hank66.


I'm only making it because I was too much pissed off from Hank66, Ways of Killing Hank66 shall be a gift to all of you guys who hate Hank66.


I hope you guys love it when it's finished.

I'm making"Ways of Killing Hank66"

Another pic

2009-06-23 23:34:28 by Sifter1337

If this looks strange to you, the pistol is just skinned, I got it from

Another pic

Hey, sorry for saying this

2009-06-23 21:23:49 by Sifter1337

I have damn classes every weekday, so that could delay on working Madness425Owns3.

I hate those fucking classes which lasted me a couple of hours, I won't finish M425O3 in time!

And I've got more retarded classmates and pisses the hell out of me, I wish I had a shotgun to pwn them.

What the hell am I gonna do now? Every weekday I could make few frames 'cause of the damned school.

Anyway, take a look of my skinned Half-Life.

Hey, sorry for saying this

They are doing the Black Mesa Dance!

Half-Life Source Screenshot #2