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Three Years STRAIGHT

2012-02-07 22:18:28 by Sifter1337

Now you may be all wondering what the HECK I've been doing for three years. I was stuck with all the fun things I can do in the world, and I hadn't made a single thought about my account in NG.

All of my reviews probably have been voted as super-negative ones, and people probably judged my "animations" by now. Those were just to show off my "animating skills," and you would not believe how terrible it is during the first second you've watched them.

Anyway, this Qquis guy who made several accounts just to troll, flame, and spam, I totally forgot the history of what I've done to him and I want to be sorry for whatever the heck I did. And that Ojo66 too. I wonder what they've been doing. Is it same as?

I remember Fineas being steamed for being two months late to approve the comments. It was just when I was too jumpy about incoming trolls and spammers.

Yes, I remember that crap I did to Matrix Rayne, if you know that at all. The time I received ban hammer on the head, I WAITED a while. Then I made another account to make an apology, but they didn't let me go that easily. Then I created even ANOTHER account and stick with another identity, but it was too obvious, and I knew I should've made a noticeable change to hide my real face.

This COULD be the last post I made, unless I find anything new in this site. Go ahead, you post whatever you want to this page. A chat room, a war zone, anything. It's not like I'd check, would I?


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2012-02-24 21:00:53

Remember when I made stick riot and you hated the shit out of it?


2015-06-13 00:59:42

"Ways of killing ojo66". Good times.