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MESSAGE FOR KRAZYTWIN26 (Did this because he banned me)

2010-05-16 02:06:18 by Sifter1337

I hope your parents find out you're disrespecting the internet. I'd laugh and laugh at you. Also, the police should send you to jail, young bastard.


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2010-05-16 02:20:06

You are the most immature person on this site. Me and drift tried to fix you. I guess it was useless.

Sifter1337 responds:

Stop lying.


2010-05-16 12:30:15

Fucking faggot.


2010-05-16 18:11:16

LOL Fineas.It's the top truth of the week.I dont hate you, in fact, i think your an awsome user.

Sifter1337 responds:

Not really, someone's attracted to submissions past a year.


2010-05-16 22:19:21

For the love of newgrounds, leave.

Sifter1337 responds:

No thanks.


2010-05-19 18:43:01

i agree XRoadKillX.He does nothing but makes fun of people.Oh and that comment that you approved is not to you.Its to Fineas.

Sifter1337 responds:



2010-05-18 15:23:21

His insults are as good as a 7 year old's.

Sifter1337 responds:



2010-05-28 16:20:03

XRoadkillX and I are really thinking you should leave.And this is pathetic that you did this cuz i banned you.

Sifter1337 responds:

Which I mean?