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Yay for extra trolls if you know what I mean.

2010-04-23 22:04:18 by Sifter1337

Krazytwin who thinks he's the best person in the world, let me think of it. He's the best troll of the internet.

I hope this makes him happy.

Krazytwin was once a crying gay.
Then she was stabbed with a cane.
And spanked with a chain.
Krazytwin loves to fuck.
A lovable duck.

Rhymes for anything.

EDIT: I kept this post half-empty.
EDIT2: XRoadkillX and Krazytwin made new comments, they're too dumb to think that I'll remove them.

EDIT3: For Krazytwin, do you know what it was meant above?

EDIT4: Krazytwin's newest page, I, will, vote that he's a jackass.

EDIT5: I feel like laughing at Krazytwin's new, but hidden and useless messages.


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2010-04-28 08:23:27

"lovable duck", lol.