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9/11/09 by Sifter1337
Updated 9/17/09

I have cool mods for Half-Life like Sven-Co-op, it's so awesome, to really bad for AccuracyUP, his Half-Life fucks up.

If you even have Half-Life, get Sven-Co-op here.

P.S. It will probably NOT work in WON version of Half-Life, Steam version of Half-Life is needed.

It's simple to install, just browse around where your Half-Life is located and install there.

Hope you enjoy it.

Edit: Fuck no, I have fever!

Edit: Yay, it's gone now, it's probably that H1N1 flu thingie.


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Sorce is a half-life mod... so pretty much EVERY 3d game today runs off Quake 1, even stuff like Cod4 and TF2. The only ones that don't are Crysis and Unreal... yeah...

9/17/09 Sifter1337 responds:

Lulz kewl.



Go vomit on a baby. That will solve all of your problems.



Let's hang out and stuff.

9/13/09 Sifter1337 responds:

You know you don't want to get fucked with my fever. D: